Not every designer makes things that are convenient to use. Even if it’s just a simple mirror in the bathroom, a candle, or ice cream — true talent can be seen in even the smallest things.

Enlighten continues to search for cool designs on the internet that are not just beautiful, but also really useful. So here’s another compilation for you.

1. A USB port in a bus

Unknown user / Imgur

2. “Came across this pizza vending machine: fresh pizza, ready in 3 minutes.”

Xscorpio13 / Reddit

3. This supermarket has magnifying lenses on their carts to help people read product’s labels.

vaccamao / reddit

4. “My canister of Asian Pringles’ has a tab to lift the chips up so you don’t have to put your hand inside the tube.”

bakaken / reddit5. This baby changing table has a toddler seat next to it.

helloreddit3645 / Reddit6. Soap tablets that are easy to carry with you


7. Steel legs that can be used to make a chair or a table using any material


8. “In the Tallinn airport, one of the men’s bathrooms has step-by-step instructions on tying a tie.”

Suslik1415 / Reddit9. Edible holder for melting ice cream

The Drip Drop / Facebook10. A candle with a place for a matchbox