Some people are able to solve problems that thousands of others have been trying to cope with for years. Just have a look at this bedsheet pocket where you can put your smartphone or glasses before going to bed, earbuds that won’t tangle, and a USB connector that works both ways!

Enlighten has collected photos proving that simplicity is genius.

“My new set of sheets came with a handy little pocket.”

ThePlayfulPython / Reddit“Where can I buy these?”

RonnyGP / Reddit

“My school combats littering by installing basketball hoops above trash cans.”

Oltarus / Reddit

“This black towel in my hotel room is for makeup so the white ones don’t get stained.”

Jackinmybox / RedditThis USB connector works both ways.

drmono3000 / Reddit

This train’s tray table has a groove for putting an iPad or a tablet in it.

paulypies / Reddit

A restroom at a bar in Minneapolis that has a splash guard for your shoes and a mini shelf for your drink

Th3B055 / RedditThis air-conditioned temporary doghouse at the mall

bgjorge123 / Reddit

“My cruise ship has these little cups that have paper flaps that protect your hands.”

Guest82O1 / Reddit

This picnic table has a built in seat for infants and a small bench for kids.