The future has fascinated people in all periods of history. This is why we always dream of creating a time-travel machine. But we don’t have one now so all we can do is use our imagination. The artists of the past also tried to imagine what the world would look like in the future. They managed to foresee some of the changes, but some have clearly missed the mark.

We at Enlighten can’t travel to the future but we traveled to the past to see how the artists of that time imagined the future.

A sound letter — in the past, people already realized how many of us would love sending audio messages.

Villemard / commons.wikimediaA woman having her hair done by multiple robots

Villemard / commons.wikimedia

Boots for traveling around the city fast. Today, we use scooters and hoverboards!

Villemard / commons.wikimedia

Our ancestors thought we would use radium to heat our homes.

Villemard / commons.wikimediaThis is probably the prototype of a skyscraper.

Albert Robida / commons.wikimediaA sky bus in Bordeaux, France

Jean Marc Cote / commons.wikimediaAn electric Paris train in Beijing

Villemard / commons.wikimedia

This picture, “Mountain air cure” shows an airship flying over the mountains with people who have health troubles. No, we still haven’t created such a thing…

Albert Robida / Library of Congress

Maybe one day we’ll see fish-riding in the Olympic games. But definitely not in this century!

Jean Marc Cote / commons.wikimedia“Listening to a newspaper” is probably the idea for a radio!