Blind Makeover is a project developed by makeup artist Oxana Trunova and hairstylist Olga Tarasova. The participants are women who want to change their look but don’t know what to get. They place their full trust in Oxana and Olga’s professional skills and say, “Do whatever you want.”

At Enlighten, we’ve been following this project’s development closely, and we’d like to show you the new, bright transformations of these brave women.

1. Nina

oxanatrunovamakeup / instagram

  • It’s a miracle! iraderzkaia / Instagram
  • So beautiful! This lady looks 20 years younger. cattymami / Instagram

2. Tatiana

oxanatrunovamakeup / instagram

  • Tatiana lives and works in Moscow, Russia. She hasn’t changed her look for many years. She came to us and said, “Make me look older.” But we did the exact opposite. oxanatrunovamakeup / Instagram

3. Olivia

oxanatrunovamakeup / instagram4. Gloria

oxanatrunovamakeup / instagram

  • She used to be an ordinary old lady, and she became an interesting woman with lots of personality
    in her eyes. cvetlanaustiugova / Instagram

5. Stella

oxanatrunovamakeup / instagram6. Gabriella

oxanatrunovamakeup / instagram

  • This lady was given the opportunity to participate in Blind Makeover as a gift from her children.

7. Natalie

oxanatrunovamakeup / instagram8. Helen

oxanatrunovamakeup / instagram

  • She came to Blind Makeover with the words, “I want myself back.” oxanatrunovamakeup / Instagram

9. Julia

oxanatrunovamakeup / instagram10. Natalie

oxanatrunovamakeup / instagram11. Alexandra

<-31">oxanatrunovamakeup / instagram

  • Alexandra said, “Do whatever you like.” But we didn’t want to make any drastic changes in her look, so we just added a few accents. oxanatrunovamakeup / Instagram

12. Sonya

<-34">oxanatrunovamakeup / instagram13. Margot

oxanatrunovamakeup / instagram14. Ella

oxanatrunovamakeup / instagram

  • Excellent work, she looks 15 years younger. nfilya / Instagram

15. Julia

<-42">oxanatrunovamakeup / instagram16. Inna

<-44">oxanatrunovamakeup / instagram

Would you dare to participate in a blind makeover? Tell us in the comments below.