All facts about Japan indicate that this country is from a parallel universe: you can find a portable washing machine, a transparent TV, and many other things that other countries have never seen. If you’re interested, read this article!

Enlighten has collected 16 items that you won’t find anywhere else. The only thing you can do is buy a ticket and go to the Land of the Rising Sun.

16. Butter grater

We all know that it’s not so easy to spread hard butter without ripping your toast. In Japan, people use a butter grater. It pushes out the butter to the other end so that you’ll get shreds of butter that are spreadable. The Japanese don’t have to struggle with frozen butter!

15. A water-saving combo

The toilet-sink combos have been around since 1956. The way it works is that when you wash your hands in the combo’s sink, the water you use is collected into a tank called a cistern, and that water is used to flush the toilet. Just brilliant!

14. A puppy that detects your smell

JapanTrendShop / twitter

This cute robot with a sensor in its nose can sense everything about your smell. If your smell is nice, it’ll react with glee, if your odor is OK, it’ll wag its tail. But if you have a bad odor, the dog will play dead.

For office workers, there’s a device with a neutral design that can also detect ones’ smell. The device provides a fast and accurate assessment of any odor (even an “old person” smell.) To find out the results, you just have to open a special app.

13. Laptop alarm system

JapanTrendShop / twitter

This portable alarm system will keep watch over your laptop. It’s just perfect for people who work out of the office and often visit public places. Now you don’t have to worry: if the device detects the movement of your computer, an alarm sounds, the light ring switches to red, and your smartphone receives a notification.

12. Door opening indicator

JapanTrendShop / twitter

Every time someone comes near it (from around 13 ft), the device’s panels will light up, warning you. Anyone who has ever gotten in an awkward situation when someone suddenly opened the door on them would probably like this item.

11. Desktop washing machine

JapanTrendShop / twitter

How often do you wash tiny items like your watch or glasses? Japan has invented a portable washing machine that will clean your belongings in 2 minutes. You just have to plug it into a computer or any other device with a USB port, add water, and switch it on.

10. Cushion сover for tablets

JapanTrendShop / twitter

This cushion is for those people who get too tired holding their book or tablet. The surface is filled with special silicone dots that will hold your book or gadget, allowing you to read in the most comfortable way.

9. Computer mouse

thanko_inc / facebook

Here’s a glove that was invented to replace a computer mouse. Left and right clicks are located at your fingertip. If this device reacts quickly, it’ll probably become an indispensable product for computer game players.

8. Artificial intelligence that analyzes driver’s state


Panasonic introduced technology that can prevent people from falling asleep behind a wheel. The system analyzes driver’s facial expressions and catches the moment when a driver starts napping. This device also predicts all possible threats and creates specific conditions that won’t let a person sleep.

7. Transparent TV


Its contrast setting is quite poor now but designers and engineers are working on it. Invisible TVs are useful mostly for businessmen who own their own enterprise: in restaurants, this unusual device will definitely attract people.

6. Magic mirror


In the world, there are lots of “smart” mirrors that show the weather and so on, but Panasonic suggests using a more complicated device that analyzes your health. The mirror identifies your skin texture and all possible drawbacks (uneven skin tone, acne, scars) and then prints a makeup mask that can hide all imperfections.

5. Small fans

While the whole world is suffering in hot weather, using air conditioners, and drinking cold beverages, Japan has come up to a great idea: a small portable fan.

For men these are headphone-like fans, pocket devices for shirts and shoes, and a great cooling fridge.

For women these fans are attached to a selfie ring light and a cooling carpet for a laptop that you can cover your pillow with.

4. Head umbrella

Showers and typhoons occur really often in Japan. These phenomena are so common that people have to have several umbrellas as they always break. There’s one more popular solution: a hands free head umbrella.

If you think it’s impossible to invent another kind of umbrella, you’re wrong. Asahi Power Services has recently introduced the first ever flying umbrella that protects you from rain, frees your hands, and just looks really great. We hope these devices aren’t too heavy: one umbrella weighs 11 lbs.

3. Notifying glasses

With these glasses, you won’t need to check your smartphone constantly. They’ll notify you about all texts, remind about your scheduled tasks, and inform you about any notes. You can also choose the color depending on the task and the audio signal won’t let you miss anything important.

2. Handheld mike and selfie stick hybrid

You can find selfie sticks everywhere. But not he hybrid of a handheld mike and a selfie stick. Japanese people like this device as they love to sing and record videos at the same time. But this item will probably soon become a thing of the past: just look at those selfie drones — they’re amazing!

1. A fridge that comes to you when you call it

This fridge recognizes its owner’s voice and comes to them. Additionally, the fridge can let you know what beverages and food you have. The device doesn’t crash into furniture, people, or pets. It can also bring dirty dishes to the dishwasher. It’s a dream item, isn’t it?

What do you think about these things? Can they be useful in our everyday life?