If you want to feel like a photoshoot master, make your photos original and help them stand out from just a simple photocopy of your surroundings. These tricks will make it possible and there’s no fancy equipment, no studio, and no expensive gadgets needed — only some very basic stuff and a little imagination.

We at Enlighten are always looking for creative hacks and want to show some of them to our readers.

1. Hold a mobile phone near the camera lens to get a reflective surface.

mathiasfast / instagrammathiasfast / instagram2. Use a curtain to create a magical, soft silhouette.

3. Make a small hole in a piece of paper and cover the lens. This is called the pinhole effect and will give your photos a blurry frame.

inesjordan_bnw / instagram4. A picture on TV can make the photo really special.

calop_ / instagram5. Nice backdrops are everywhere, you just need to see them.

calop_ / instagram

6. Get a romantic, rainy picture with a watering can, without worrying about ruining your camera in the rain.

unknown / imgur

7. With some neon paint and a blacklight, you get a galaxy in your hand.

calop_ / instagram8. Use a slow exposure to display a moving light source.

9. Use leaves to create unique patterns.

alessioalbi / instagram

10. If you want to capture some bubbles, make a lightbox with a couple of office lamps.

11. Use the advantage of the “Golden Hour.” It’s the time just after sunrise and about an hour before sunset, that gives a natural warm light to photos.

12. Another natural light time is something we call the “Blue Hour.” It happens just after sunset and before sunrise, when indirect sunlight gives off a natural blue shade.

13. If you want your dogs to look at the camera, place a treat or a toy right above it.

14. Kitchen appliances are very handy for photography.

<-33">alessioalbi / instagram15. Use a lighter to get soft warm blur on your pictures.

<-35">alessioalbi / instagram

16. And last but not least, keep your eyes open and your camera or phone ready to capture the moment when you see something beautiful and outstanding.

Which one would you like to try first? Or maybe you have your own secret tricks for making cool photos? Tell us about them in the comments below.