One of the most important functions of makeup and clothes is to hide flaws and highlight strengths. But very often, when girls don some bad makeup or put on a suit that doesn’t look good on them, they achieve the opposite effect and turn themselves into old ladies. In other words, they look much older than they actually are.

We at Enlighten decided to find out what parts of our looks make us appear older than we are. After reading this article, you can check to see if your clothes or makeup are working for you or against you.

1. Too many beauty products

Having too many beauty products always makes the overall look seem older and heavier. Even when you want to look cool, it’s better not to do smokey eyes, red lips, and highlight the cheekbones. When the makeup is too bright or unnatural, it looks kind of messy. It’s important to highlight certain areas but it should never be an “either or” situation.

2. Burgundy clothes

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This is simple: burgundy is a dark color and makes women look older — bright shades make you look younger. This is why burgundy should always be far from the face. A classic mix would be a burgundy skirt or pants with a light blouse or sweater on top. This outfit will stretch the figure and add some lightness thanks to the right color distribution. If you have burgundy tops, it’s better to add something brighter closer to your face, like a light-colored shirt, scarf, or collar.

3. Classic clothes made of certain fabrics

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Clothes made of tweed and tapestry will always make a woman look older than she is. Such clothes are always associated with being antique, so you have to be extra careful. It’s better to wear smooth materials without a lot of patterns, which by the way, can make the body look bigger.

4. A solid business suit / East NewsFaceToFace / REPORTER / East News

People wearing uniforms and business suits look older. Such clothes were designed to make one appear wiser and more experienced. If you can’t avoid a standard suit, it’s better to choose casual models. Little details like rolled-up sleeves and different colored pants and a jacket will make the look less put together and way fresher.

5. Letting the chin down

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Because the head is always tiled down, the muscles of the face and neck become atrophied, so the skin “slips” down, forming a second chin and wrinkles. In addition to this, the face starts to look sad, which also adds extra years. This is why when you’re walking, working at a computer, or using your phone, try to hold your head upward. Over time, you will form a habit and won’t have to control it.

6. Dark powder or rouges under the cheekbones

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Many girls put on rouge and dark powder too far under their cheekbones, making the cheeks look too low. This subtle detail makes you look older. In order to achieve the opposite effect, you can try to use lighter shades and put them up higher.

7. Mother-of-pearl lipstick