Social network fashionistas look gorgeous, and it seems impossible to imitate their images without lots of money.

Enlighten gathered some rules that will allow you to save your cash and still look luxurious.

16. Pay attention to the lining

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Look carefully at the lining when buying clothes: on quality items, it’s invisible, neatly done, and doesn’t show from under the clothes.

15. Check the pattern at the seams

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Look to see if the pattern assembles well at the seams. Don’t buy the item if the print is broken – the manufacturer clearly wanted to save on fabric. Such clothes will look cheap.

14. Check out the materials

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Opt for modern materials, such as neoprene that’s present even in the low-cost brands. There are also textured fabrics like tweed, cotton, and linen. Such items look expensive even if they’re actually not.

13. Opt for imitation suede

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Imitation suede looks more expensive than imitation leather, so choose it without doubts.

12. Avoid visible zippers

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The quality of a garment is often given away by its accessories, and open zippers in cheap clothes are just such indicators. If the zipper is visible, the color of all its parts should be similar to the fabric. Otherwise, when it’s not a design solution, the zipper should be covered.

11. Choose pointed shoes


Bright pumps look as pretty in the mass market as they do in luxury brands, while pointed black or nude ones will nicely finish any office image.

10. Create the impression of custom-made clothes

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Only a luxury brand can afford good patterns that give the impression of the item being unique and sewn specifically for its owner.

Therefore, a neat appearance is vital:

  • Never wear wrinkled clothes.
  • Your clothes shouldn’t be twisted or carelessly buttoned up.
  • Your clothes should keep their shape and fit you well.
  • Avoid clothes with folds: they give away a mass-marketed item.

9. Don’t neglect the bag

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Opt for neutral tones, such as black, white, and beige. Look at colors of precious stones, like sapphire or malachite. Such colors, combined with imitation leather, look much better than bright or pastel shades.

Don’t buy bags with contrasting clasps, fringes, folds, or embroidery. Such details conceal bad quality, like the item being sewn from pieces.

Nothing gives away a cheap bag like cheap accessories: expensive bags almost never have zippers.

A hard-lined bag will last longer, and it looks more like a designer item.

8. Don’t abuse decorative elements

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Lace in designer clothing is nothing like lace in the mass market. Opt for a small lace element: it will add to your femininity. Sequins and spangles have the right to exist only in haute couture items, and that’s a rule.

7. Avoid earthy shades

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Avoid base clothes of dark colors. Such shades become dull quickly, so it’s best to opt for bright colors, precious-stone shades, and pastel tones.

6. Tuck in your clothes

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A tucked shirt makes the image more complete. It’s better to step away from grunge, boho, or hippie styles, and come back to classics, romanticism, or casualness.

5. Add some gold

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A simple way to look stylish without extra expense is to choose a simple image (like a white T-shirt with boyfriend jeans) and add some gold or a quality imitation gold accessory.

4. Mix several textures in a single image

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Combine different textures, such as silk, soft knits, suede, denim, etc. Your image will become much more interesting without additional accessories.

3. Pay attention to small details