In the past, all women-targeted gadgets shared one distinctive feature: the color pink. But a recent survey showed unexpected results: women are actually more likely to buy tech devices than men! Today, gadget makers have begun developing devices especially for women and are paying more attention to what they really want.

At Enlighten, we have collected 16 items that every modern woman would love to possess.

1. An iPhone case with an electric shocker

To protect herself, a woman can learn several self-defense techniques, but it will take a lot of time and effort. Nowadays there are easier ways to protect yourself like for example, an iPhone Case that turns your handy mobile device into an electric shocker. This thing is no joke! This case can save not only your phone, but it can save your life. It can protect you from bullies, rabid dogs, attacks on the street or just help to scare your enemy away.

2. A breast support band

To maintain elasticity of the breasts during jogging, workouts, group exercises and general activity, the chest needs to be held tight. Just for this purpose, the Yowband breast support band has been developed to prevent breasts of all sizes from excessive vertical and lateral movement during any sports activities, allowing women to concentrate on performing to the best of their ability.

3. Smart Rope

To make cardio exercises smarter and a little more fun, you can use the Smart Rope that counts jumps and minutes as you burn calories during interval training. It even displays the data in mid-air! To monitor and analyze your results, the rope can be synchronized with a mobile phone or smartwatch via Bluetooth.

4. The Facial Fitness Muscle Trainer

Yes, we agree with you, this device looks super funny! But its developers assure us that it will keepskin looking younger and tone the facial muscles. To get rid of wrinkles and smile lines, you should repeat this simple exercise twice a day. While holding the device in your mouth, rhythmically nod your head for 30 seconds. That’s it!

5. The Smart Bra

The Vitali Smart Bra not only supports breasts but also tracks a woman’s posture, breathing and heart rate variability (HRV). When any unbalance is detected, bra stress indicators emit gentle vibrations to remind us that we need to stop and take a deep breath. All health data taken throughout the day is gathered in the Vitali app available for both IOS and Android.

6. A pillow pet

If you love animals but can’t have a pet, the Qoobo is perfect for you! It is a robotic pillow that warms people’s hearts the way animals do. When you stroke it, its tail wags gently and when you rub it, it swings playfully. Such “tail therapy” relaxes you and gives you a sense of comfort.

7. An accurate calorie scanner

The CaloRieco is a device that can help you measure calories along with 3 major nutrients in meals before eating. It was developed for diabetic patients, but it could be extremely useful for dieters as well. Calculating calories on your own used to take time and most calorie-counting smartphone applications are not accurate enough. CaloRieco’s analyzing method uses near infrared rays to help measure calories quickly with high precision that is acknowledged by many experts.

8. The automatic purse light

Every woman who carries a purse knows that sometimes it is impossible to actually find what you need in there. For this reason, German engineers developed the SOI automatic purse light fitting even in the smallest bag. You don’t need to push any buttons or switches as its sensors utilize energy fields from your hand to activate the light for 10 seconds before switching off automatically.

9. A sleeping band

If you have trouble sleeping, the IBand+ is perfect for you! It is a band developed to monitor a night’s sleep, induce nice dreams and provide natural rest. As a result, it helps to keep your brain and body healthy and always wakes you up refreshed and at the perfect time.

10. A sleeping mask


This special Sleeping Mask with built-in noise cancellation technology stops your partner’s snoring and provides you with a quiet, restful night. Moreover, it ensures that everyone around you can have a quiet, restful night too.

11. This 3D body scanner


Very often, women quit training when they don’t see any results from working out. Shapescale allows you to see the minor changes that you couldn’t monitor before! This device helps you to set up fitness goals and visualize your progress via 3D body scanning. The app’s photorealistic 3D models of your present and past shape give a visual overview of your results from any angle!

12. A travel pillow with a massage and heating mode

VascoPillow is designed especially for frequent flyers to relieve their pain and turn their travels into a joyful experience. It is made of dermatologist-tested soft material and has massage heating modes. Gentle massage reduces cortisol levels and makes you fall asleep easier. And the heating system improves blood circulation and gets rid of headaches. With this pillow, you will arrive at your dream destination totally refreshed!

13. A smart mug


With the Ember Travel Mug you can set a comfortable drinking temperature so that your drink tastes perfect to the last sip! The Ember smartphone app allows you to save different temperature settings for different beverages and will notify you once your drink has reached its desired state.

14. A pancake printer


Pancake art is a good way to add fun to your breakfast and amuse your children. For this purpose, a Norwegian engineer, Miguel Valenzuela, developed the PancakeBot, the first device capable of printing pancakes with batter dispersed directly onto a griddle. Users can load pancake designs via SD card or even make their own designs with the included software.

15. The smart baby sock


We are not sure how many of you are moms out there, but if you are, we know that you’re constantly worrying about your baby’s health. The Smart Sock 2 serves as a great helper to monitor a child’s heart rate, temperature, oxygen levels and sleep quality. All data is transferred to a smartphone via the innovative app, specially designed to notify you in case of any unbalances.

16. A childcare robot