Anna Harvey is a legendary stylist from Vogue magazine and was the late Princess Diana’s stylist. She knows everything about how to look perfect no matter how old or wealthy you are. The ever-changing fashion industry forces people to adapt, so there is no such thing as a universal style forever. But there are some timeless tips that can help you to always look perfect.

We at Enlighten agree that it’s important to keep trying new styles in fashion, and are excited to share the recommendations we learned from this famous stylist.

1. Follow the A-shape rule.


The so-called A-shaped skirts suit almost everyone. Such tailoring makes a person appear light. However, when choosing such a skirt, keep in mind that you should wear the same tailoring on the top. You should choose something tight to balance the fuller skirt. The same rule works the other way around: if you choose a loose-fitting top, then the clothing on the lower body should be tight. Anna says that the most important thing to remember here is balance.

2. Don’t wear clothes according to your age.

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If you wear clothes that correlate with your age, you’ll probably end up in something that makes you look old. The most important thing you should remember is that there is no age when it comes to clothes. You can wear anything you like, and how you look in it depends only on how confident you are.

But of course, don’t forget about the balance and harmony in clothes in order not to look funny. Age is not the most important factor, but you should still keep it in mind.

Anna recommends looking not stylish and fashionable, but just great! For inspiration, look at celebrities who have a good sense of style like Natalia Vodianova, Kate Winslet, and Darya Zhukova.

3. Be careful with pleated skirts.


According to the stylist, pleated skirts suit only women who are in good shape: they highlight the belly and the sides. For those who want to draw attention to their waist, they should wear pleated skirts that start at the hips.

4. Go shopping with your daughter.


The stylist says that shopping should be done together with the right people in order to avoid buying something that doesn’t suit you at all. Friends may tell you that something looks good on you just because they are polite (or jealous). So, the best thing you can do is go shopping with your daughter — an adult woman who will honestly tell you what looks good on you.

5. Don’t be afraid of bright colors.

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As Anna herself says, she had been fixated on black and white clothes, limiting herself to these colors only. Colorful clothes make your mood better and create a positive atmosphere around anyone who wears them.

When choosing clothes for the evening, Anna recommends forgetting about standards and giving something bright and interesting a chance. She recommends choosing sapphire, emerald, pomegranate, raspberry, and blackberry colors.

But if you still want to wear something black, the stylist recommends adding beautiful jewelry to your look. Anna says that you should also wear tights of a suitable tone.

6. Buy clothes in the right size.

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When it comes to shopping, Anna talks about several things:

  • Always remember that loose clothes can make you look more fit and tight clothes may only highlight the spots you’d like to hide.
  • Choose coats and skinny jeans at least one size bigger. When you put a coat on top of a sweater, it should look good, so when choosing the size, base it on how you feel and not on what size the tag says.
  • If something suits you, buy several pieces. Many people would agree that finding an ideal piece of clothing is really hard, so it’s reasonable to buy several pieces in advance, especially if it’s a white shirt. And if you find a pair of pants that fit you perfectly, make sure you buy one pair for wearing with heels and another one for wearing with flat shoes. The same goes for the same models of clothing but in different colors. Kate Middleton is an example of a woman who knows how to do her shopping.
  • When buying a jacket, make sure that you check how comfortable you feel in it and that the size is right. When you put a jacket on, stretch your arms forward to check if it looks good on the shoulders and in the back. If you feel any discomfort, it means that this is not your size and you shouldn’t buy it.

7. Choose tights that match your skin tone.