When doing renovations, we focus on our own feelings without knowing design basics. This is why the result doesn’t always meet our expectations.

Enlighten collected the most common mistakes that slip through in living room design. Make sure to read up to the end because there’s one crucial thing you should never do.

16. There’s only upper lighting in your living room


Lighting creates an atmosphere. It should take into account your mood, so the living room cannot do with only a chandelier in the center of the room. Create your own lighting system (reading, wall, and floor lamps, ceiling lights, and so on).

15. The absence or wrong size of a carpet


Small rugs bring imbalance to a room, so be sure to choose the correct size of carpet for your living room. A large rug visually extends the space, and the interior gets a finished look.

14. The misplaced TV


The best place for a TV is a blank wall. Don’t install the TV in front of or close to a window, as it’s harmful to your eyesight and prevents you from clearly seeing the image. The distance between the TV and the sofa depends on the screen size: the distance must be equal to 3-5 diagonals. Take this into account when buying a new TV.

13. You underestimate the power of cushions


Sofa cushions create a cozy and relaxed atmosphere. When choosing them, consider whether their material and texture suit the fabric your sofa and armchairs are covered with. If the furniture in the living room is made of velvet or velour, say no to cotton or linen textiles. For smaller furniture, choose small items. A massive sofa allows for several voluminous pillows.

12. Your sofa stands by the wall


This rule works for large rooms. If you have the opportunity to place the sofa away from the wall, do it. You’ll visually enlarge the space and create comfort. A sofa standing by the wall when there’s extra space feels more like a dance studio than a living room.

11. Dark furniture with low ceilings


If you buy dark furniture for a room with a low ceiling, you’ll make it look more squat and cramped. Choose compact sofas and chairs and neat tables on raised legs. Make choices that favor neutral light shades.

10. Choose furniture according to design, not your personal preferences