Pollution has been one of the biggest concerns for the human race for many decades now. The more we are moving toward technology, the more we are detaching from mother nature. The rise in global warming is alarming. Scientists are worried and words like apocalypse and extinction are making their rounds. Are we still making this up?

At Enlighten, it was devastating to see the sad state of our very own Earth in the pictures below. It’s high time we start taking action.

1. Trying to make way

Diario Presente ‏ / Twitter

The picture above shows the accumulated trash in the Pacific Ocean and raised concerns all over the world of what is now popularly called the “Great Pacific garbage patch.” The size or spread of the patches are unpredictable, but clear pictures were taken of its existence from a satellite in the northern Pacific region.

2. Breathing through the garbage

Luis do Amaral / Twitter

This is a picture of the Yamuna River that is regularly used for garbage disposal. This boy is trying to swim through it, and we wonder when will people understand the repercussions of their actions?

3. Littered oceans

Caroline Power / Facebook

This is a very polluted part of the Caribbean. Seeing this, we wish that plastic was never invented at all. There was a comment from Blue Planet Society on this saying that the trash probably came from the local Montigua River, and arrived at the sea due to heavy rains.

4. Saving the last one

Commons / Wikimedia

This is a polar bear who refuses to let go of the last piece of ice. He resides in the Arctic region and, like other polar bears, he’s also facing the ice meltdown crisis. This crisis is happening due to the changes in temperatures caused by the increased level of CO2 emissions and pollution. Sea ice is very crucial for them to survive, as they hunt, rest, and breed there. The crisis has affected almost 19 regions of the Arctic.

5. The dying river