What is the real definition of beauty? Research that reviewed the influence of facial characteristics on attractiveness has concluded that the most attractive faces are the least average ones. This once again proves that all beauty standards are relative and someone’s unique features can be truly hypnotizing.

Enlighten has gathered 15 people who have broken conventional beauty standards. Their stories inspire many to embrace their natural look that doesn’t have to follow the rules of the game.

1. Khoudia Diop

Senegalese model Khoudia Diop is also known under the nickname “Melaniin Goddess.” Her remarkably dark skin tone used to be the object of bullying at school but turned into the very trait that made her a sensation. Khoudia speaks out against skin bleaching and inspires many women to love their skin as it is.

2. Maeva Giani Marshall

Maeva Giani Marshall almost hypnotizes you with the freckles on her face. The model herself says she suffers from hyperpigmentation due to kidney issues, but her numerous fans prove that this is exactly what makes her so attractive.

3. Anastasia Zhidkova

Anastasia Zhidkova is a Russian model, who’s considered to be one of the most beautiful albino women in the world. Anastasia says she used to be bullied when she was a kid, but now more and more people want to look like her and dye their hair and eyelashes and stay out of the sun.

4. Kgothi ”Iman” Dithebe

Kgothi’s name has become a synonym to the word “confidence.” The model grew up in Pretoria and is now a true inspiration for many women, having proved that flaws exist only in the human mind. Her skin is unusual, but that’s what makes her so special.

5. Sarah McDaniel

Sarah is a model and Instagram celebrity. She has heterochromia, her left eye is bluish-green and her right eye is brown. If the eyes are the mirror of the soul, hers is really multifaceted. We’re totally hypnotized, are you?

6. Laura Julie

Who said a smile can be attractive only if your teeth are straight and polished? Laura is a model who celebrates the perfect imperfection of her teeth and inspires us to not follow the imposed standards. Are you still getting braces?

7. Sophia Hadjipanteli

Sophia is a Cypriot model who’s rocked the Internet with her monobrow. The model says she got her eyebrows from genetics, specifically from her mom. She wears her messy eyebrows with pride and dignity.

8. Cassandra Naud

Cassandra Naud is a professional dancer from Canada. She says the big birthmark on her right cheek is exactly what distinguishes her from everyone else. Cassandra refused plastic surgery to remove the birthmark and now inspires many people to enjoy their individuality.

9. Rose Geil

Meet Instagram sensation Rose Geil, a woman who truly loves her natural hair. Instead of shaving her facial hair every day, she’s decided to grow out a full beard and says she’s never felt better!

10. Ralph Souffrant

Souffrant is a Haitian male model. He has numerous freckles all over his body and he used to be ashamed of his look. However, this is exactly what made him stand out and sign successful model contracts. Life is all about diversity, isn’t it?

11. Moffy

Moffy is a beautiful cross-eyed girl who’s turned into a successful model. People like Moffy definitely challenge the idea that models have to look a conventional way. She’s got the look!

12. Diandra Forrest

Diandra Forrest has green eyes, pale skin, light hair, but her nose and lips are African, as she was born to African American parents. Now Diandra is an albino black model who’s turned the world of fashion upside down. You go, girl!

13. Catherine Loewe

Catherine Loewe is a Swiss model, who’s started her modeling career in her 50s. We can’t help but get hypnotized by this woman’s beautiful face and silver hair!

14. Chantelle Brown-Young

Chantelle Brown-Young, or Winnie Harlow is a model and activist from Canada. At the age of 4 she was diagnosed with vitiligo, which is a skin condition characterized by depigmentation. With time she learned how to accept herself as she was and now inspires many women with her example.

15. Stephen Thompson

Stephen Thompson used to be a teacher’s aide living in New York but turned into a model and actor. Stephen has albinism and this is what makes his appearance so mesmerizing. He looks so perfect that you might doubt he’s even real!

Whose appearance did you find the most hypnotizing? Which of the personal stories were the most inspiring for you? Share your views in the comments below.