The first rule of interior design is: chose your hero. A central piece that can make a statement about this space as a whole. It can be a bold color or an unusual shape and size — something that surprises and makes people immediately fall in love with it. But good design is also all about functionality: be it a multi-tasking bed or an ambidextrous computer mouse, it should make our lives better.

Enlighten adores both aesthetics and practicality, so we gathered a collection of things that can make our lives more beautiful and comfortable at the same time.

1. Earring earphone holders look stylish and are safe if you keep losing those pesky earpods that are always falling out.

misho_designs / Instagrammisho_designs / Instagram2. Ceiling light straight from Gummi Bears’ adventures

elle_home_decore / Instagram

3. Tiny chair socks that prevent scratches on the floor and let you move it silently. Watch out if it starts walking!

Sarah Zimmerman/Repeat Crafter Me4. Egg baskets that come with hens to brood on them

elle_home_decore / Instagramelle_home_decore / Instagram

5. “My grandfather invented the shape of Dove soap. Here are some original wooden molds we have in the house.”

critterwalk / reddit

6. Sunscreen bottle design: the darker the wood grain, the darker you’ll get.

UtmostPants / reddit

7. “The mailbox at my local community hospital has R2D2 decals!”

Planthropist / reddit

8. This coffee table with a sliding, self-maintained micro-garden is the ultimate plant-parenting hack for small city apartments.

Yanko Design / Instagram

9. Collapsible computer mouse that works for lefties, righties, and ambidextrous alike

Yanko Design / Instagram

10. Public bathrooms in the Netherlands can be raised and lowered into the ground.