An old bathroom can look new and expensive for just $12. A coffee table can become an outstanding installation thanks to LED mirrors. All these ideas can make our space unique without requiring you to spend tons of money, and these people prove it.

We at Enlighten are in love with these upgrading ideas and want to share 15 pictures that can inspire you to do the same.

1. “I just made my bathroom counter look like this with an $11.99 roll of adhesive paper.”

SkippingLittleStones / reddit

2. “I made a 600-LED programmable infinity mirror coffee table!”

Procupine / reddit

3. “Roommates thought the sink was permanently stained. I got bored and proved them wrong.”

ghostof-nothing / reddit4. “$12.00 penny sink, priceless!”

unknown / reddit

5. “Before and after a chair renovation! The chairs were free, primer and paint were just $25!”

cultureShocked5 / reddit

6. “My friend and I make coffee tables out of old piano frames. Here’s our latest creation.”

trinity_lee / reddit7. “This couch I made out of a bathtub”

Project_1nth / reddit

8. A piece of wood and resin coating can upgrade your bathroom.

JonnyAps / reddit9. A simple wooden chair turns into art!

_NITRISS_ / reddit10. “Makeshift drawers I made from old suitcases”