From a Pikachu that gained a few extra pounds to advertisements that make your local baker appear as a clown, questionable designs can be found anywhere. And even though the creations didn’t turn out as designers might have planned, they certainly succeeded at one thing: putting smiles on our faces.

We at Enlighten had a pretty good laugh while looking at these designs that went wrong and decided to share the best ones we could find with you.

1. “Ah, yes, my favorite superhero”

mattythebuoy / Reddit

2. “Pikachub, I choose you!”

lurkingupvotetroll / Imgur

3. “I had no idea Spider-Man was actually a monkey.”

DaSneakyKitty0505 / Reddit

4. “Found the Super Koala Bros statue today.”

McP**nFace / Reddit

5. The sign reads: “Teaching kids good manners,” but it looks like you’re just throwing the baby into the trash.

alphaMrWave / Reddit

6. This tea will change your image size ratio.

Am-Linguist / Reddit

7. “Found this ad for lemonade while shopping.”

Samang0 / Reddit

8. “Our baker is a clown!”

Nerfologist1 / Reddit

9. Well, at least they tried.

sdulaney24 / Reddit

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