They make promises to themselves to eat only healthy food, and the next moment they crave sweets. They risk wearing a new dress when the weather is rainy. Well, girls will be girls!

We at Enlighten present you with 15 situations that every girl can relate to. And smile at!

Sarah BraleyI know what I want.

I dress for the weather. But the weather always has different plans.

I always behave like a true lady in public.

I’m a woman of indomitable will.

It’s always nice and clean in my house. Almost always.

I can make a commitment.

I control my emotions.

I know how to surprise someone.

I choose only comfortable shoes.

I wear comfortable clothes.

I follow my healthy diet, especially when I’m with friends.

I don’t stay up all night. Well, I try not to.

I know when to stop.

I know how to relax.

I can control myself. For a while.