Just on Facebook alone, 1.2 million photos are served each second. But only some of them become hits. And it’s not just luck, but also a hard task that needs long preparation. Those photos are real masterpieces because sometimes you don’t have a second chance to catch a moment.

Enlighten compiled incredible shots from all over the world to inspire you.

1. The Leaning Tower of Pisa can turn into tasty ice cream.

Jakob Owens / unsplash2. We bet you thought this was a real wave at first.

3. A perfect touchdown for a perfect shot.

4. A man and a tree have one destination goal.

Stephen Leonardi / unsplash5. It takes a lot of effort to catch a moment.

Javier García / unsplash6. You can fly, just change the angle of how you see the world.

Noah Black / unsplash7. Now we know who turns on the moon.

Valery Sysoev / unsplash

8. This photo is not Photoshopped. “It is a product of hard work, patience and a great team.”

9. Be creative. Experiment!

Jakob Owens / unsplash10. Their life is definitely not boring.

11. Yes, this guy will do anything for a shot.

Jakob Owens / unsplash

12. Sometimes to inspire, you don’t need to do much except be creative.

Derek Owens / unsplash13. He looks like the real Aquaman.

14. Maybe we all can fly.

<-32">Ashley Bean / unsplash15. It’s difficult to understand how she stands there.

<-35">Noah Buscher / unsplash16. This photo is too amazing to stay indifferent.

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