There aren’t really that many ideas worthy of special attention among the thousands you can find being offered on different design websites. Coming up with cool new designs for things is not only an unusual idea, but the real trick is in the outstanding implementation. And of course, design is about creating things for people to use, and that means that it should become a part of a person’s everyday life.

That is why Enlighten has decided to share with you the best design ideas that have been developed recently. Each one is truly outstanding!

The Loch Ness Monster ladle

Designers from Ototo have come up with the idea of a ladle that will lurk in the hot depths of your soup pots. This cute monster will definitely bring a bit of fun to the cooking process.

The one trip grip grocery bag holder

InfmetrySolar-powered garden lanterns

This raccoon and chipmunk will bring some life into your garden both at night and during the day, while being quite practical at the same time – these animal lanterns are solar-powered.

The smartphone printer

A small device called the Printeroid allows you to print pictures right from your smartphone and fit them into your pocket. You’ll only need to feed it a roll of special paper of 2.5 inch (7 cm) in width and 33 feet (10 m) in length.

The new Canadian passport

This is what the new version of a Canadian citizen’s passport looks like. As you can see, it’s a surprisingly creative document!

Taking a walk with dad

SaddleBaby is probably the best way to transport your kids around that you could ever wish for. It’s secured to the shoulders of the parent, allowing them to talk on their phone, take pictures, or use any other gadget while carrying their children. Kids love riding, and dad’s hands are free – it’s a win-win!

The Giant Bird’s Nest

Merav Eitan and Gaston Zahr from Israel have produced a very peculiar sofa that looks like a bird’s nest. The Giant Bird’s Nest is available in four sizes that can accommodate from 2 to 16 people.

The fishing polar bear

Necktie, a Japanese design studio, has developed this cute teabag holder. A little polar bear sits on the round surface which serves as a lid for the cup, capable of preserving the heat of your drink. It also has space for a couple of sugar cubes or a sweet.

The toaster knife

It looks like an ordinary knife, but just as you push the button on its handle, it turns into a mobile toaster that allows you to fry your bread even as you cut it. In addition, it looks a lot like a lightsaber from ‘Star Wars’!

The optical illusion napkin

Japanese A.P.Works design studio has come up with an original table napkin that seems to distort space, making your table look not as flat as it really is in reality.

The smartphone mini-charger

Mini Power is a device for active mobile phone or tablet PC users who want to be completely independent from electric sockets. The kit contains several single-use batteries which give your phone different amounts of energy.

The wall clock with orbits

Orbits Clock is an extravagant new development of Ve Studio. Instead of hands, it has metallic ‘orbit’ lines that play the roles of the hour, minute, and second hands.

Artistic bed linen

The Doodle by Stitch bed linen is a plain white lined cloth, but when you buy it, you get a set of watercolor pens to go with it. The paint in them is water-soluble, so you can draw, wash the linen, and then draw again!

Lamp bookmarks

The guys over at Peleg Design have produced these seriously creative bookmarks that look like table lamps all those who love reading.

Interesting veggies

Designers from Le FabShop have come up with an interesting concept for toys. The devices are called Open Toys and they can be attached to ordinary vegetables, transforming them into playthings. Thanks to these, kids can play with them and not get in the way while their parents get on with things in the kitchen.

The lamp for reading in the dark

Yet another gift for avid readers – if the room is dark and everyone’s asleep, but you really want to read your book before bed, this lamp is indispensable. It illuminates the pages themselves without interfering with anyone’s rest.

It’s really hard not to fall in love with this leather armchair by Maximo Riera, isn’t it?