The fashion-world abandoned the usual model parameters for appearance, like perfect skin and a standard body shape, a long time ago. We keep seeing more women and men with unusual and memorable looks appearing on runways and becoming new idols. All this happens because society is starting to appreciate individuality and personality, instead of stereotyped and standardized beauty.

Enlighten found some bright representatives of the fashion industry that are conquering the world right now.

1. Cee Cee The Super Saiyan is an African albino model who wins the hearts of people in Instagram.

cee.the.unknown / Instagramcee.the.unknown / InstagramChannel Cee / YouTubeceetheunknown / Twitter2. Supermodel Liza Ostanina is rocking her rare beauty.

Melodie Jeng/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty ImagesLorenzo Palizzolo/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images3. Allison Harvard

The girl with bottomless eyes who creates various images with the help of makeup and wigs became popular on social media when she was studying in school. As of May 2020, her Instagram page has 691,000 followers. Allison was featured on America’s Next Top Model twice and both times she got 2nd place.

4. Saskia de Brauw

Peter White / Contributor / Getty Images Entertainment / Getty Images

Saskia is a model from the Netherlands who is appreciated for her androgynous appearance in the world of fashion. It allows her to work for both men’s and women’s shows. She’s worked with world-famous fashion designers and appeared on the covers of famous magazines like Vogue.

5. Sebastian Heidelberg

Victor VIRGILE / Contributor / Gamma-Rapho / Getty Images

Sebastian is an androgynous model from the German agency AQUAMARINE Model Management. This young man has long hair and an appearance that allows him to appear in unisex images. Sebastian often performs in shows for the Y/Project brand.

6. Georgina Stojiljkovic