Interior design is a very interesting profession. But when going after the new trends, you should remember that that new apartment that can easily top the charts of the most good-looking places, still needs to be convenient to live in.

We at Enlighten decided to ask Saint Petersburg designer, Alesya Nestyak, about which popular design decisions we should give up because they are impractical.

Bar counter

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You might think that this part of the interior design makes the place look cooler. But in fact, it reduces the space, it makes the place more inconvenient and it can’t be used to cook or prep.

  • If you have enough space, try the island kitchen design. An “island” plays the role of the bar counter, kitchen table, and workspace. It has enough room for those who just want to eat and for those who will do the cooking. It has a serious functional purpose and solves a series of problems with storing dishes and food.

Open shelving

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Open shelves are a problem for many housewives. And the worst-case scenario is if they are in the kitchen. Something that looks nice in pictures, turns into a real nightmare in reality. And, of course, if you don’t cook and you only need the kitchen to heat up food in the microwave or boil water in the kettle, shelves are okay.

  • Don’t hope that different boxes can solve the problem. Instead, get special closed shelves or even cupboards and your kitchen will actually seem cozier and be more functional.

Stone tile

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Using tile made of stone is a trend. They are used in kitchens, bathrooms, halls, and even living rooms and other places. Sometimes, there is so much stone that the place resembles a museum, rather than a home.

  • Don’t choose the same material for the floor and the walls — they should be different, if not in the texture, then in the color or pattern. Marble slabs should be covered with special protective products. Otherwise, they are prone to cracking, and they can easily be stained with oil, wine, mold, rust, and other stuff.

Corner couches

pexelsVictoria_Borodinova / pixabay

Corner couches that have been shown in so many rooms in advertisements and on TV are named this way for a reason. They are a good idea only in the case where they occupy a free corner. In all other situations, this couch will only take up your free space.

  • Choose simple, spacious couches that are long. And buy tables and armchairs that will make your design more welcoming and trendy. By the way, you don’t have to place your furniture near the walls. Big pieces of furniture are great to use for zoning.

Plain white walls

gregoriorosa / pixabayDokaRyan / pixabay

Very light walls — like white, ivory, and cream have been trendy for many years. They are great for brutal minimalists, but those who want something cozier might start to feel uncomfortable and try to solve their issue by placing a lot of paintings and photos on the walls. And this is where the trouble begins, because some people don’t know when to stop.

  • If you really want something Scandinavian-like, you should think about a bright, huge piece of art that you are ready to invest in. An expensive painting not only becomes the main focus of attention, but it is also a way to invest in something for the future. If you can’t afford something like this, choose a beautiful photo.

Monochromatic interiors

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Things that are all the same color may look like overkill and make you feel like you’re living in a dollhouse, which might be very difficult. Anything brought home from the real world will not only look weird, but it will scream that it’s from a different galaxy.

  • If you want something monochromatic, think about the bright details you will use to make it more diverse when you get bored. Think ahead — like about how harmonious they will look together, and only then, make it happen.

Curtains that are too long

Andrew Santellan / unsplash

Trendy magazines have finally succeeded in making us believe that curtains are an important part of the interior. If you choose to have them they should be long. They can be really beautiful, they make the window more elegant, and they make the place feel more spacious — it even seems like it becomes easier to breathe in there. But make sure that the curtains are not too long. Think about how you will clean them or if a child or your animal gets entangled in the curtains.

  • If you want your curtains to hit on the floor, there is no other option but to prepare to clean your space really often, wash your curtains regularly, and when your children or animals are playing around them, you will need to be able to arrange the curtains so that they are not too long.


FotoArt-Treu / pixabaytpavati / pixabay

Vintage, wabi-sabi, and shabby chic are styles. But don’t confuse these popular styles with short-term trends. Having things with a history in your home is something that will always be chic, but decorative chaos is very temporary. It will go out of style and you’ll be left with a lot of useless stuff.

  • Invest in expensive antique stuff and things with character that make your house feel unique. You don’t need to have a lot of pieces and you should avoid the replicas that are popular now. They cost a lot, but they don’t look all that great, and besides, their quality doesn’t match up with their price. In order to make this type of design feel timeless, don’t build it around the antique pieces. Choose vintage pieces that look good with a basic, subtle, cozy interior design.

Chalkboard walls

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What’s bad about this interior design feature? When you look at pictures of these boards, they usually have some cool pictures on them, beautifully placed stickers, maybe some cool magnets. Ask yourself: can you maintain your own wall in this shape? Or will it soon be covered with something indistinguishable? And don’t forget: when you are tired of this wall, you can’t just remove it.

  • If you still like this idea and you are not ready to give it up, put a piece of plywood in a frame on the wall. It’s actually easier to draw on plywood with chalk, so you can experiment with it and see if you like it or not.

Exposed wiring

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The trend for open wiring is pretty cool. There’s no need to open up the walls, and when you install it, there’s no noise or dust. The wires might actually look very modern and you can add very bright and distinctive ideas, like different tape and retro-sockets and switches. Open wires look perfect in high-tech, loft, post-modern, and different variations of provincial styles.

  • What’s the catch? It is in our lack of attention. The process for this type of wiring has tons of safety requirements, and you have to read them and make sure you follow them. You can’t have this type of wiring in the kitchen or in the bathroom if you are not sure about the ventilation. You also need to make sure that there are no heating devices placed nearby since they can destroy the insulation on the wires pretty fast.

Wooden letters

Tobias Kürschner / pexels

Don’t be disappointed by the words you see carved in wood that seem very trivial. This is the case when a smart detail gets turned into something very mundane. Besides, it’s like a parrot that keeps saying the same thing over and over again. Art should have a message, but it shouldn’t scream it at you.

  • There is nothing to advise here. The only thing you can do is return to the paintings, photos, and statues that are far deeper in meaning than some boring quote like, “Eat, Pray, Love.”

Cool colors

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There is nothing bad about cold colors, but if you live in a climate where the summer is short and you don’t have enough light already, maybe you don’t need more things to depress you?

  • If you are not a fan of white and grey, stay away from these colors. There are ways to design your place without making sacrifices. The impression of beauty and lightness creates the right proportions, the right textures, and easy lines and shapes.

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