When it comes to designs, the line between ingenious and excessive creations is very thin. Sometimes, the burning passion that makes designers want to show off their creativity is a double-edged sword that can make the products go really wrong. Like a sink that’s attached to a toilet, tilted benches that hold water, or a glove with fingers that are all the same length.

We at Enlighten are all about innovative ideas, but we also appreciate those funny moments when designs go wrong, and we have 19 of these cases right here for you.

1. Steps that you can’t see.

Paarnahkrin / Reddit

2. A sink attached to a toilet, forming the perfect slide

Quasime / Imgur

3. Placing a bench so close to the edge of a roof that when a slight wind blows while it’s raining, the bench gets wet.

31ank / Reddit

4. The pockets on women’s jeans

ben_j_davis / Reddit

5. My headboard has a constantly lit LED built into the light switch. Fun fact, blue light is most likely to mess with your brain’s ability to sleep.

Sparrowflyaway / Reddit

6. My oven uses a touchscreen, so whenever I open it, steam gets on the touchscreen and messes with the settings.

NeafyWasTaken / Reddit

7. This is not vitamin D — it’s an emoji on a bottle of magnesium.

archf****r / Reddit

8. These shoes let me take the road with me.

TheTwoWipeWonder / Reddit

9. Every time I do the dishes I switch the light on and off.

bethanalysis / Reddit

10. Installing curtains that don’t close in a place that gets 24/7 sunlight in the summer.