Cut paper instead of bubble wrap, raw pasta instead of plastic stirrers and straws, and even garlic knots instead of plastic pizza savers — it’s good to know that there are more and more companies who are trying to make their work more sustainable. So, next time you notice that your local bakery is using cardboard ties on their bags with bread, don’t think that it’s a drop in the ocean. It’s a big step toward a cleaner planet and these steps should be acknowledged and encouraged.

We at Enlighten wish more companies would follow the example of these 15 businesses that try hard to offer more environmentally friendly products and services. Let’s appreciate these green solutions together!

1. The protection for this package was made from cut paper instead of bubble wrap.


2. “This coffee shop uses pasta instead of plastic as coffee stirrers.”


3. And this restaurant offers raw pasta as straws.


4. “The components for my new vacuum are all packaged in paper instead of plastic.”


5. “My bag has a list of ways to reuse it.”


6. “My local coffee shop recycles milk containers as carry trays.”


7. “This grocery store uses lasers to print a label on the produce instead of using a plastic bag or label.”


8. “The cover of my microwave dinner is parchment paper instead of plastic.”


9. “This supermarket had tiny paper bags instead of plastic containers to reduce waste.”


10. These bread ties that are made of cardboard instead of plastic.