When hearing the word “sculpture,” many of us tend to imagine figurines made of white marble. But this is not actually correct, because antique statues were actually colorful. Scientists managed to reveal this surprising fact thanks to something called “raking light” technology. It helps them look at art objects with UV light and see the tiniest pigments of paint in order to understand what a certain sculpture used to look like before. Turns out, the works of the old masters were as diverse as they are today.

We at Enlighten like to find cool new sculptures and today’s compilation is all about them.

Cat snuggled up on a statue

zaynthelegend / redditA sculpture of kids swinging from a tree that is no longer there

BootlegDouglas / redditMade of sand

dmavs420 / redditBull sculpture made from recycled tires

Taazz10 / redditBrickwork sculpture

CYBERSson / redditMori Kono working with wood

A stunning forest sculpture of a huntress made entirely from willow branches

unnaturalorder / redditThere is an 18-foot underwater statue in the Bahamas.

manfrom76 / redditThis girl is made of wood.

A stone poem

A 190 ft tall statue of the God of War in China

Lukeshero93 / redditA large statue of Kannon, a Bodhisattva goddess in Japan

Rattlesnake_Mullet / redditWooden sculpture

It’s as if it’s alive.

A herd of elephants on the move, Vietnam

<-35">Fontaines_DC / reddit

Have you ever come across any impressive statues? Can you show us their photos, please?