People with a good imagination always create amazing things: they make waffle lids for cups, create rice field paintings, or toothpastes with sliding keys to help roll the tube. Where do they get their inspiration from?

Enlighten has collected some awesome items that were created to make our lives easier.

Waffle lids for those who’re against using plastic

LEKORNA / Facebooklekorna.comA decorative rolling pin

PastryMade / Facebook

A hair clip works as a screw driver, wrench, ruler, and serrated knife.

AmazonA cup for 2 available at a Japanese movie theater

GuassHound ​/ RedditThis bracelet is also an iPhone charging cable.

twintheif / Reddit

This “floating” mug aims to put an end to rim-shaped stains on furniture.

The Floating Mug Company / Facebook

This toothpaste that comes with a sliding key to help roll the tube.

AllVeggiesNoEggs / RedditA pumpkin that was grown in a mold.

remembersarah18 / RedditFair & square pizza

z0nghits / Reddit

“My delivery came with a small plastic tool to help open the box.”