A building that melts, an upside down house, or a jungle that is kept inside of an airport: these are not shots from a surreal movie. In fact, all of these architectural masterpieces really exist. And there is even more, because the ability of some talented minds to create exceptional things knows no boundaries.

We at Enlighten are in a permanent need to satisfy our thirst for beauty, and this time we found some very unique buildings across the world that will leave you a bit surprised.

1. A church made of metal wires that looks like augmented reality

The Blind Eye Factory2. This temple’s interior looks like it was made out of crystal.

BAPS Swaminarayan Sanstha / Wikimedia Commons3. A market hall that was turned into a canvas

Paul Arps / Wikimedia Commons4. A building that’s melting right in front of you


5. Was this house turned upside down before or after construction?

shutterstock.com6. Gulliver left his boot.

shutterstock.com7. This building is watching us.

shutterstock.com8. A hotel that was inspired by a wavy ocean

Juan E. M. / Wikimedia Commons9. A building shaped like a tea pot

10. This building really recreates some facial expressions.

Bernard Gagnon / Wikimedia Commons11. This building looks like it came straight from the cosmos.

Subiet / Wikimedia Commons12. It’s just a basket… oh, wait!

Tysto / Wikimedia Commons13. This one is designed to please the aliens.

EAST NEWS14. This monument looks like it has been carefully carved.

<-33">Mondalawy / Wikimedia Commons15. An airport that looks like a jungle

<-35">Matteo Morando / Wikimedia Commons

What is the most impressive building you have ever seen?