We often associate embroidery with medieval times when ladies would pass the time embroidering as they waited for their princes. But there are artists who prove that it’s a modern kind of art. Their works are masterpieces that can add beauty and comfort to a home. It’s impossible not to feel inspired by these beautiful works of art!

Enlighten invites you to take a look at amazing things created with the help of needles, threads, and some magic.

14. Shimunia

shimunia / Instagramshimunia / Instagram13. Lera Petunina

lera.petunina / Instagramlera.petunina / Instagram12. Fistashka Art

fistashka.art / Instagramfistashka.art / Instagram11. Katerina Marchenko

kath_rinrin / Instagramkath_rinrin / Instagram10. Taisiya Kovaleva

taisiya_kovali / Instagramtaisiya_kovali / Instagram9. Sheena Liam

sheenaliam / Instagramsheenaliam / Instagram8. Kelly Ryan

kellryan / Instagramkellryan / Instagram7. Emillie Ferris

emillieferris / Instagramemillieferris / Instagram6. Kimber

<-32">kimartdesigns / Instagram<-34">kimartdesigns / Instagram5. Elenamoart

<-36">elenamoart / Instagramelenamoart / Instagram4. Liza Smirnova

lisa_smirnova / Instagram