Everyone’s heard of the 7 Wonders of the World from ancient times. But believe it or not, there are even more magnificent buildings that deserve our attention.

Enlighten decided to figure out which modern buildings could complete the list of wonders.

We found a lot of them! Just look at these buildings — they boggle our imaginations with their incredible lines. Our civilization should be proud of these architectural masterpieces.

14. The Lotus Building in Wujin, China

Chen wei – Imaginechina/EAST NEWSChen wei – Imaginechina/EAST NEWS

Blooming out of an artificial lake at the center of Wujin, China, is the Lotus Building. The beautiful building takes its name and form from the blooming lotus flower. The architect’s idea was to create an amazing atmosphere, despite the weather or the season. The building is home to departments of the city’s planning bureau.

13. An incredible hotel in the Alps

Andrei Rozhko/behanceAndrei Rozhko/behance

This is still a concept, but we couldn’t pass it by. This hotel is planned to be built in the Alps. The building creator is Andrii Rozhko, and he was inspired by the dramatic mountain landscape. The hotel hugs a rugged cliffside and has a striking glass facade.

12. The Lotus Temple in the village of Bahapur, India


Another grand building in the shape of the lotus flower is the main worship house of the Baha’i Faith. Its doors are open to everyone, regardless of their religion. 9 doors lead to the central hall of the temple, which symbolizes the unity of all religions.

11. The Cubic Houses of Rotterdam, Netherlands


There is a group of 40 houses on Overblaak Street in Rotterdam. They give the impression that the whole world has turned upside-down. The houses were constructed by the architect Piet Blom, and all the walls and windows are angled at 45 degrees.

By the way, there are private apartments inside. We wonder what it’s like to live in one of them!

10. The Atomium in Brussels, Belgium

diamond geezer/flickrOlivier HUGUET/flickr

Those who see the building might think it is just a huge sculpture made of metal. However, it is a fully featured building. By following the tubes, one can move between the spheres and reach a science museum or a restaurant. The Atomium depicts 9 iron atoms in the shape of the body-centered cubic unit cell of an iron crystal.

9. City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia, Spain

William Warby/flickrLesniewski/depositphotos

This is one more outstanding example of modern architecture, and it is located right on the water in the middle of the park in Valencia. It looks really futuristic and reminds one of the skeleton of a fantastic beast. The complex consists of 5 buildings: a covered plaza, an IMAX cinema, a park, a science museum, and an oceanographic park.

8. Heydar Aliyev Center in Baku, Azerbaijan