The ability to design and decorate has become something of a must these days, mainly because everyone wants to give their home the greatest possible look and feel. One of the elements that best characterizes a property is the view it may have, and there is nothing better than going out to the balcony and finding a dreamlike landscape waiting for you to gaze at. But it often happens that architects and designers come up with the somewhat extravagant, brilliant, and, at the same time strange, idea: to bring these amazing views into the bathroom.

Of course, this idea comes with a catch that Enlighten still isn’t that happy about: you’ve got to trade privacy for the views. Makes sense, but a bathroom is kind of THE most private room in the house… So what do you think? Would you dare use these bathrooms with a view?

1. “A bathroom with a view on Gem Lake Trail in the Rocky Mountain National Park, USA”

wekele0 / Reddit

2. A bathroom where everything is out in the open

akashkarsanbhai / Reddit

3. Bathrooms for nomads are also a thing. And they come with a great view!

outdoorlos / Reddit

“I’m always out in the middle of nowhere in Utah and having a toilet inside my van didn’t seem appealing. This toilet seat is life-changing and I have the best bathroom views in the morning!!!!”

4. That view is enough to never want to come back from the bathroom.

scintellectual / Reddit

5. How to tell all the neighbors that you are in the bathroom without telling all the neighbors that you are in the bathroom.

R0Bk**b / Reddit

6. What must they have thought about privacy when they built this bathroom? They were probably busy thinking about a garden with a view.

DavetheRooney / Reddit

7. “The last stall in the bathroom at work comes with a view… and this huge gap.”

silamandered / Reddit

8. Basement bathroom has a window at ground level with a perfect view for watching people take a dump.

Warning64 / Reddit

9. Going to the bathroom in the InterContinental building in downtown Los Angeles with this view was pretty cool too.

hellokrissyj / Twitter

10. “The great throne atop the earth”

DroolingHomer / Imgur

11. “The view from this bathroom is really great”

rips*w99 / Imgur

12. Now all luxury bathrooms have a large window with a view… We agree, it can seem a bit extravagant, but hey, at least you don’t need to stare at your phone when sitting there!

clarenceappendix / Reddit

13. “This curtainless bathroom, with view of nearby homes”

<-32">Atrox_Primus / Reddit

14. “View of our banana tree and bathroom (2 steps up) in Charlotte, NC”

<-34">su-su-sudio / Reddit

When going to the bathroom, would you prefer having a wonderful view to stare at, even if that means sacrificing your privacy, or do you prefer being surrounded by thick walls so that nobody knows you’re in there?