It is that time of year when everybody is thinking about presents, both receiving and giving them. But the depths of the internet might introduce you to some stuff that should never have left the factory in the first place. Then there wouldn’t even be a possibility of getting it as a gift!

We at Enlighten made a list of these ridiculous gadgets as a cautionary tale for anybody who wants to get some great gifts this year. Or inspiration for prank ones.



Ever wished to have something that will take care of your hands as much as underpants take care of your other parts? Look no further!

Flavored toothpaste


Though pickles and bacon are pretty awesome by themselves, it is not the flavoring we’d go for.

Shoe umbrellas


I mean…do you know how much good shoes are worth? We totally can’t get them wet.

iPhone cinema for one


It’s not exactly IMAX when you put your phone into it, but it’s good for those who are easily distracted. Makes you stay tuned in!

Inappropriate toys


The makers of this gem probably tried to fit babyhood and puberty into one doll.

Like-a-hug vest


This vest inflates whenever somebody “likes” your post on Facebook, giving you a hug-like feeling. We are slightly afraid to imagine what it does for a dislike.

Pour-over aid