It’s great that commercials are no longer something unbearable or something that distracts you from watching your favorite movie. Modern marketers sometimes create such amazing masterpieces that they captivate your attention and you forget that this is just something that is supposed to sell you a product.

You probably already know that the Enlighten team loves advertisements that are made by talented people. So we would like to highlight these commercials that we think you might love.

1. The IKEA designers recreated the designs of the living rooms from The Simpsons, Friends, and Stranger Things

Ikea2. Adidas inspires you to climb all the mountains.

Adidas3. BMW: More power, less consumption.


4. The National Geographic Wild channel shows predators and their prey.

National Geographic

5. McDonald’s is sure that children love Happy Meals because they can be eaten with their hands.


6. This is LG’s way of telling you that delicate and non-delicate fabrics can be washed together.


7. Rota Uniprag pest control will make all the bad insects leave your house.

Rota Uniprag

8. This bookstore knows that some books trap you from the very first pages.

Solo Libros9. Burger King, for those who love grill

Burger King10. Stabilo: highlighting the most important things