Cleaning is not the most pleasant thing to do and it makes a lot of people stressed. Just yesterday you cleaned the furniture and today it’s already covered in dust. You’ve just cleaned the carpet and it’s already dirty. Or maybe you even bought special cubes for the toilet that end up breaking it!

We at Enlighten decided to find out more about cleaning and the mistakes we often make. Here are 13 things a lot of people often use when cleaning that are actually bad.

1. Toilet tank cleaners

These sanitizing blocks that are supposed to be attached to the toilet only seem harmless. Because they are usually pretty light, they often get flushed together with the water. They get stuck in the pipes and clog them which might cause all the contents of the toilet to go the other way.

Cubes for toilet tanks are also dangerous: many of them contain bleach that can destroy the rubber parts in the toilet and corrode the metal parts.

2. Magic erasers


Recently, “magic erasers” made a splash in the market. But the problem is, the melamine foam the sponges are made of work like sandpaper. Yes, it can remove some bad spots but at the same time, it scratches all sorts of surfaces.

Here’s a list of surfaces you shouldn’t use these sponges on:

  • non-stick dishes
  • stone countertops

  • stainless steel

  • car surfaces

  • glass and shiny surfaces (they’ll get dull).

3. Using polish

Very often, modern furniture doesn’t need to be polished because it already has a special surface on it. If you use polish on your wardrobe or desk, you only create a sticky layer that collects dust. All you really need to do is clean regularly.

4. Bleach

Huskyherz / Pixabay

Many people think that bleach is a universal product that can be used against all sorts of spots, including corrosion and mold. But this is not true. Bleach oxidizes surfaces starting the corrosion process. So, after you use bleach, you will only have more rust. And the mold — bleach will just fade the color of the mold, but not remove it.

Besides, bleach is really toxic. According to studies, in families where bleach is often used, children get sick with infections more often.

5. Vinegar

Vinegar removes grease and mineral sediment but can ruin some surfaces, like metal or wood. It’s better to not use vinegar to clean kitchen knives, doorknobs, irons, and taps.

Despite a popular misconception, vinegar is not a disinfectant, so there’s no point cleaning everything with vinegar.

6. Universal vacuum attachment

In order to clean a carpet, you need special brushes that won’t damage the fabric you are vacuuming. But an ordinary vacuum cleaner can leave unwanted marks on your favorite carpet. To avoid that, you need a special attachment for carpet.

7. Steam cleaners