Just 20 years ago, we couldn’t imagine that we would buy things without even leaving our homes or talk to other people living on a different continent through video chats. Technology is developing so fast that it is hard to keep up with it. And clothing manufacturers want to keep up too: they’re already making things that before were only described in sci-fi books.

We at Enlighten are really interested in the work of designers and scientists that invent new things every day.

1. A sole that you put right on your foot

The Link company has created a concept for ultra-light shoes. Basically, it’s a sole that is fixed around the foot with special curled sides. According to the idea of the company’s designers, such shoes should be as comfortable as sneakers and as light as slippers.

2. A suit made of probiotics, activated by sweat

Young designer, Rosie Broadhead, worked with scientists from the University of Gent and created a new material for clothing — SKIN II. It is made of natural materials based on probiotic bacteria. When the body starts to sweat, the bacteria activate and kill any unpleasant smells.

3. Clothes that change color depending on your mood

T H E U N S E E N / FacebookT H E U N S E E N / Facebook

A science/designer company called The Unseen, from London, creates experimental clothing. Jackets, handbags, and backpacks are made of high-tech materials that change their color depending on the temperature of the owner’s body.

4. A sports bra with artificial intelligence

The sports bra Supa is equipped with an artificial intelligence module in order to connect with a mobile app. The bra tracks the heart rate of its owner, measures the UV-light level, and the physical activity during a workout.

5. Tights that can last 50 years

sheertex / Instagram

The founder of Sheerly Genius, Katherine Homuth, says that the tights her company produces are almost impossible to tear. And it is all thanks to their unique technology: the tights are made of the fiber used in the production of bullet-proof vests and climbing gear.

6. A jacket that charges from the Sun

vollebak / Instagramvollebak / Instagram

A company called Vollebak produces clothes exclusively for men. One of the most popular products the company has is a jacket that can charge from any light source. The fluorescent surface absorbs the light and glows in the dark at night. This jacket’s superpower can be useful for people who jog at night.

7. A swimsuit that makes sure the owner doesn’t get sunburned


The swimsuits from Spinali Design don’t let girls get sunburned. The bikini has an in-built sensor that sends the body temperature and UV activity information to the owner’s smartphone. Before putting the swimsuit on, the owner tells the app her skin type and the smart sensor reminds her of when she needs to put on more sunscreen or even get in the shade.

8. In this shirt, you can listen to music… with your skin

cutecircuit / Instagram

Soundshirt has 16 micro-actuators that transform sounds into tactile sensations. So, if you are at a concert, you can feel the violin music with your hands and the drums with your back. This invention helps people with bad hearing “hear” the music with their bodies.

9. Socks for people that suffer from diabetes warn you about injuries.

The Siren textile company has announced that it has made socks for people that have type 1 diabetes. One of the most severe complications of the disease is the diabetic foot. It causes the appearance of ulcers that may lead to amputation. The built-in sensor measures the skin temperature and diagnoses the early signs of inflammation that cannot be seen with the naked eye.

10. Sneakers with bacteriological ventilation


Puma along with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology created shoes where the ventilation is controlled by special bacteria. The microorganisms “sit” in the special places and eat the material the sneakers are made of. When the foot starts to sweat, the bacteria get activated and eat what’s around them, creating room for ventilation.

11. Clothes that can be sprayed directly on the body

New Scientist / Youtube

Scientists from London created a mixture of polymers that you can put on the skin. When they dry, the clothes are comfortable on the body and they feel like felt. The people that were lucky enough to try the first samples claim that you can take off this T-shirt just like a regular one. Besides, it is far more durable.

12. A T-shirt that can warn you about a heart attack


Chinese company. Lenovo, created a smart T-shirt that keeps track of the condition of the cardiovascular system. This piece of clothing has a built-in ECG-tracker and sensors that register the heart rate and breathing info. Once a day, the T-shirt sends the data to a server where artificial intelligence analyzes it and warns the owner about any possible problems.

Which of these inventions seems to be the most useful? Are you ready to try any of them?