The battle is the most popular format nowadays and it’s not just for dancers and rappers anymore. Photoshoppers now have their own battles. There are often competitions for editing photos on the popular website Reddit and, trust us, there is a lot of funny stuff on there.

Enlighten collected 11 popular photos that took part in Photoshop battles and the results of editing that got the highest score. Look at them, share them with your friends and laugh because laughing is an incredibly cool thing.

1. Meet Azuki — the most popular hedgehog on Instagram:

Mal3ficent/redditPennyHop/imgur2. When the intern falls asleep at work:

wavesatdogs / imgurwavesatdogs / imgur3. The cat that is an incredibly great dancer

BuffaloVampireSlayer/redditdoitforjohnny/imgurtwohubs/imgur4. Here is the true love that knows no boundaries:

Darkbobman1/reddittiberius_magnus/imgur5. It seems the internet was made for posting cats.

YaBoyLantony/redditRexLeou/imgur6. It’s time to think about the frailty of being.