Wild animals in their natural environment are fearsome and dangerous creatures that have not been tamed by humans. But is everything we know about them true? Very often these animals turn out to be the prettiest creatures…as long as they stay in their native environment, of course.

It’s not only cute cats and dogs that we love at Enlighten. Therefore, we compiled amazing shots of the indigenous dwellers of vast fields and dense forests.

These raccoons are trying to get to a deer feeder by all possible means.

fingercup / redditThe sweetest creature! All you want to do is squeeze it.

DrUnnecessary / redditSelf-effacing howl

too_funny / reddit

Either the deer has a mouse between its ears or the owl has slightly overestimated itself.

ChallengeAccepted99 / reddit

It’s just a raccoon that moves around the forest on a wild boar.

jajison / redditThere is a trendy deer in every forest…

multijanus / imgur…as well as one that will always spoil a photo.

TertiusIII / imgurThe Friday forest orgy is on the go.

jalogan1 / reddit

When you are very scared of bats but you always mix them up with flying squirrels…

Gordondel / redditApparently, somebody can’t stand fakes.

Whose girl is this? Who brought her?