Just because the rooms in your home are small, doesn’t mean they have to be messy, and it doesn’t mean they aren’t cozy. Sometimes houses and apartments have small and even uncomfortable spaces, so we have to think of new ways to distribute furniture and decor. To do this, there are a few tips that can help you make those places look more spacious, as well as tidy and stylish.

Enlighten wants to share with you some ideas for optimizing space in small rooms and making your home look more welcoming. At the end of the article you will find a bonus with 5 important and simple principles when it comes to interior design and decor.

1. Paint your walls white.

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Although you might like rich, distinctive colors, for a small room they might not be the best choice. On the contrary, painting the walls in light colors, especially white, is ideal since it gives the impression that a room is more spacious and bright. This is especially recommended when the room you want to renovate has access to good natural light. Otherwise, white will not really achieve the same visual effect you were looking for.

2. Install shelves.

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A great way to optimize the use of space at home is by installing shelves and using corner furniture. On these shelves you can store things like books or even food, and you can also place ornaments and plants there, among other things. All of these will give a very cozy feeling to the room where they are placed. There are different shelf designs that you can choose from, like floating, corner, glass, minimalist, etc.

3. Go for an L-shaped couch.

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Couches are a must in at least one of the rooms of your house. However, the problem is that in small rooms, they use up too much space. Fortunately, there is a good way to solve that issue. Simply invest in an L-shaped couch and make the most of one of the corners of the living room. You should preferably choose one that does not have armrests, as it will give a more open feel to the room and also leave more space for your guests to actually sit.

4. Place a big mirror on the wall.

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In order to create a more spacious room, mirrors can be a powerful tool to rely on. Placing a large mirror on a wall will make the room brighter, while at the same time, giving the impression that the room is more spacious. However, be careful not to fill the walls with mirrors since that can overload the space.

5. Divide the ambiance using furniture pieces.

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When you have 2 neighboring rooms that aren’t divided by a wall, like for example, a living room and a kitchen in a loft-type apartment, the best way to make the most of both is to divide them using bookshelves, glass walls, bars, screens, curtains, or rugs. By doing this, you can maintain privacy in both areas, while gaining access to as much space as possible, and at the same time adding stylish accessories (e.g. rugs or screens). In other cases, you can use low furniture so that you don’t have to sacrifice the light in the room.

6. Go for neutral colors in decor.

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Neutral shades help create more spacious and welcoming environments. In addition to buying furniture in these tones, opt for curtains that match these colors too. Traditionally, the shades that are considered to be neutral are: white, gray, and beige. You can also use red to highlight some specific elements, as it matches any of the aforementioned colors very well.

7. Hang your TV on the wall.