We often see bright examples of very creative marketing campaigns in our day-to-day. But just imagine how powerful and effective a campaign can be if it hides its true intention until the very end! For example, you can create a new public figure that everyone believes is real, or invite hundreds of guys on a date without ever letting them in on the trick!

The Enlighten team wants to share some of the greatest marketing examples with you. So get comfortable and enjoy some fascinating stories that show advertising at its best.

The egg that became more popular than famous bloggers

world_record_egg / Instagram

Looks like a regular egg, right? Well, not exactly. This is the most famous post in the entire history of media platforms. The photo appeared on Instagram on January 4, 2019, together with the account, world_record_egg. The creators asked for only one thing: to have more likes than Kylie Jenner’s photo with her newborn daughter (18 million).

The Internet delivered. In just 10 days, the photos of the egg got 18.2 million likes. Jenner, who lost the status of the record holder, recorded a video of her breaking an egg.

For several weeks, the account posted photos where the egg had more and more cracks. On February 1, there was a stitch on the egg, like the kind you’d see on a football. The caption said that everything would be clear on July 4.

The real story:

It all turned out to be Chris Godfrey’s marketing project. He was promoting a service that offers psychological help in different countries. At the time we wrote this article, the first photo had 53.5 million likes.

A builder-influencer that knows about Instagram trends

In June 2019, the Instagram account of Omar, a builder from Austin, got really popular. In his posts, he is actively testing Instagram trends and is a little ironic about them. Today, the new star has half a million subscribers.

“Am I doing it right?”

The story of why Omar is so popular is very interesting. Aside from the content itself, his daughter’s tweet attracted a lot of attention: