People who go to restaurants can be split into 2 categories: either they try to behave in the most respectful way possible or they couldn’t care less about their behavior. For example, some restaurant visitors try to memorize the names of their servers and do everything to make their job easier. And others don’t care because they think that servers have to do everything to please their clients because “it’s their job.”

We at Enlighten are convinced that if we are all kind to each other, the world will be a much better place. This is why when we’re visiting a café, we think: “What are the things that we think are regular that can be annoying for our waiters?” We have read some articles and forums and found the answers to our question.

Asking about the taste of expensive foods


In April, a Twitter user that worked as a server for a long time wrote a series of tweets about her work. Aside from other things, she talked about the annoying things her patrons did. It turned out that she was really confused when visitors asked her about the taste of expensive foods because some of them were way too expensive for a server to buy and taste.

Adults ordering food from the child menu

According to some servers in cafés and restaurants, in many places, the prices for children’s menu items are lower than those on the regular menu. In order to prevent the guests from trying to pay less, servers get special rules from the owners about the age of the guests that can order the food from the children’s menu.

Sometimes, servers have to tell guests that they can’t use this menu because of the rule and the guests start to criticize them even though it’s not their fault.

Leaving trash behind the salt shaker

After guests leave the restaurant, it’s a server’s job to clean the table as fast as possible. If we leave some trash behind the panel with salt-shakers, a waiter might just not see it. As a result, pieces of paper or tissue remain on the table which is obviously not very pleasant for other guests.

Sitting too far from the table

Many visitors have a habit of moving their chairs too far from the table to stretch their legs. But it’s uncomfortable both for other guests (because their chairs can’t be moved enough to stand up and sit down) and for servers because it’s easy to trip over such a chair and fall.

Switching places with each other


Some servers don’t like it when guests make an order and then change places with each other. Some employees memorize who ordered what, not by the faces of the guests, but by their positions. And changing places may cause a mix-up.

Coming in big groups without a reservation

Quite often, big groups of people come to cafés and restaurants and want to sit together. Usually, servers just move some tables closer to each other. But if there was no reservation prior, there’s no guarantee it will be possible for everyone to sit together because the free tables may be at opposite ends of the room.

Asking for a split bill at the end of the dinner

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey / New Line Cinema

When a big group of people suddenly ask to split the bill, the waiter has to go and count all the food items correctly. There’s nothing impossible about this but things would be much easier if these people warned the server in advance.

Asking for things that aren’t on the menu

A server named Stas Adams told us in an interview on a YouTube channel, LUKI that when you ask for food that’s not on the menu, a server will do their best to find a solution. For example, if there are ingredients for the food you are asking for, a server can just sum up the prices of the ingredients and serve the dish.

But it gets tricky when a guest wants a meal that’s not on the menu and there are no ingredients to make it. And clients may even start to criticize the server even though it’s not at all their fault.

Working at their laptop in a restaurant


Some writers don’t like freelancers that come to their café exclusively to work. They order a cup of coffee and then spend 4 hours sitting at the table paying attention only to their laptop. At about lunchtime, they go to eat at a cheaper place and in the evening, they come back and order just a coffee again. And, of course, they leave no tip.

Arguing while making an order

When the restaurant is full, every minute matters in order to serve everyone fast and make nobody wait. This is why there’s nothing surprising about the fact that servers get annoyed if we call them to the table to make an order and then start to argue about what we’re going to eat and drink.

Perhaps some of these complaints may not seem very serious, but these habits are quite easy to drop.

Tell us about the annoying habits of people you have to work with in the comment section below.