According to recent studies, humanity is about to use more resources than the Earth can regenerate and it’s happening because of our consumption culture, craving for single-use items, and assumption that nature will always be there to fulfill humans’ ever-growing needs. The truth is that nowadays we need 1.7 Earths in order to satisfy people’s demands for resources. But we only have one.

Nevertheless there are a great number of forward-thinking people that have come up with some mind-blowing ideas to create a better life for our planet and its inhabitants.

Enlighten presents you with a collection of long-lasting inventions that are changing the way humans and nature coexist. And at the end of the article there is a bonus waiting for you!

1. LifeStraw — a device that filters polluted water and turns it into fresh, drinkable water

Lifestraw is a device that is giving millions of people, who are living in poverty, the ability to drink water without being afraid of getting sick because of bacteria. It consists of hollow, fibrous membranes that have microscopic pores that trap contaminants. It is also a great solution for all the adventure seekers who often end up staying in areas with polluted water.

2. A lamp that grows plants

A Mygdal Plantlight is an entirely self-supporting ecosystem. The plants practice photosynthesis the same way they would in nature. You do not need to water it because the water inside evaporates and condenses in a closed cycle, so the plant always stays sufficiently wet. It can be used as a lamp and a plant which is convenient for those who work in windowless rooms.

3. Soccket — a soccer ball that produces energy

Soccket is a portable generator that harnesses and stores energy from play. It is used as a power source in areas where access to resources is limited.

4. Ecoegg — a green alternative to laundry detergent

Ecoegg is a mineral-based system for washing clothes that works without the use of chemicals. The device is kind to the environment, not tested on animals, and made out of recyclable materials wherever possible. It is much longer-lasting than your average powdered detergent and costs less per use.

5. Ooho — water you can eat

Made from seaweed-extract, this packaging is not only sustainable, but also edible. Ooho was created to stand up against the waste that is invading our land and oceans and now serves as a great alternative to plastic packaging.

6. A scarf that filters air pollution

WAIR is an anti-pollution mask that was made to protect people from air pollution, especially in bigger cities. The device has a filter that stops bacteria, gas emissions, allergens, and other tiny particles. The creators recommend changing the filter every month to allow the mask to work properly.

7. The Cora Ball — a device that removes microfibers from laundry

One of the biggest pollution challenges the world is facing today is the microfiber that flows into the ocean every time we use a washing machine. The Cora Ball is a device that removes small plastic particles from laundry during the wash cycle to prevent them from getting into the water system.

8. Piñatex — a natural textile made from pineapple leaf fiber

Piñatex is a natural leather alternative made from cellulose fibers extracted from pineapple leaves. The use of pineapple leaf fibers instead of leather has a minimal environmental impact and at the same time it solves the problem of killing animals for leather production.

9. The SALt Lamp — a lamp that runs on water and salt

The SALt Lamp is a device that takes just a glass of water and 2 tablespoons of salt for the lamp to provide enough light for the whole night. And in case there is no salt on hand, it can also run on seawater. The invention is especially helpful in countries where there is no electricity.

10. Trishula — cutlery you can eat!

Trishula is an Indian company that produces edible cutlery made with dough that is made from a mixture of rice, sorghum, and wheat flours. It’s then kneaded with hot water and baked in molds. The products are 100% natural which reduces the effect they have on the environment and improves people’s well-being since the ingredients do not contain chemicals or additives.

11. Dueacca — an eco-friendly tap

Dueacca is a tap system made of 100% recyclable materials in order to decrease the amount of non-recyclable waste. It was created to be used both indoors and outdoors and since it is small in size, it can be placed anywhere it is needed. Each product has a water-saving aerator that limits water flow through the tap, which helps to reduce water usage.

12. BirkSun — a backpack that charges your mobile phone

Humanity uses a lot of the precious energy that our planet provides to us every day, but the amount of this energy is reduced every year. At the same time, the sun gives us an incredible quantity of energy but it is not used as much as it could be. BirkSun is a company that invented solar backpacks that are used to charge devices when there is no access to electricity.

The backpacks are waterproof, durable, and lightweight and the solar panels are not easily damaged. They are used for both remote outdoor activities, like hiking, and urban activities, like commuting around your city.

Bonus: Passionflowermade — living jewelry

Passionflowermade is living jewelry that can be worn for up to 4 weeks. And when it outgrows the ring or bracelet, it can be planted in a pot, which means that it can be a stylish piece of jewelry and an eco-friendly solution at the same time.

Which device is the most helpful for the environment, in your opinion? And which of them would you definitely stand in line to purchase? Diverse opinions help us come up with better solutions, so let us know!