In today’s world, it seems technology has already reached its limit and it’s hard to believe we’ll ever see anything new again. But inventors have a different opinion as they keep surprising us with gadgets that are meant to make our lives more comfortable. We bet you’ll be surprised multiple times while reading this article.

We at Enlighten have looked at numerous inventions that the world of technology has presented to us in 2018 and chose 10 of the most extraordinary ones.

1. Glasses that protect you from commercials

IRL Glasses / Kickstarter

Many people get annoyed by ads and they’re really hard to avoid. They’re everywhere: on billboards on city streets and in the middle of your favorite TV shows.

That’s why Ivan Cash and Scott Blew created special glasses called IRL Glasses that act as filters. A special polarizing coating is applied to the lenses which not only protects you from ultraviolet radiation but also blocks radiation from the screens.

IRL Glasses are suitable for all types of displays except for smartphones and OLED matrix displays. The inventors promise to correct the latter. These magical glasses will be available for purchase in April of 2019. The starting price will be $49.

2. A device that won’t let you lose the things you need

Tile / instagramTile / instagram

No one is insured from losses. But the good news today is that keys, wallets, baggage, and other valuables can stay well protected. The Tile Mate won’t let you leave or lose an important item thanks to its ability to give signals that notify you about it. This portable Bluetooth sensor can be attached to any item.

The device connects to a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth, while a special application monitors and shows the status of items the device is attached to. When the Tile Mate is enabled, it can be called by pressing a special button from the application and you follow the sound of its melody. The device is currently on sale.

3. A painting robot

Scribit / facebookScribit / instagram

Scribit is a robot for interior design. It paints vertical walls in a semi-autonomous mode. It looks like a small metal platform that is hung on 2 cables on a window frame or on a wall. The device pulls itself on cables and moves along the surface of the wall. It has 4 markers of different colors and an eraser.

The robot works on command from a special smartphone application which sets the trajectory by applying lines to the wall. All a user needs to do is show a picture to be painted and limit the size of the “canvas” so that Scribit doesn’t go beyond the borders. The device isn’t available for purchase yet but it will be displayed at the Salone del Mobile exhibition on April 16, 2019, in Milan.

4. A controlling bracelet

Focalsbynorth / instagram

The Myo Armband is a bracelet that consists of rubber bands that hold sensors. It reads muscle impulses and learns about your movements before you do them. You can control it by using a computer, tablet, or smartphone with its help and you can even navigate things with one wave of your arm.

It helps to totally free your hands while the bracelet located on your forearm tracks 4 types of motions and rotations in all planes and directions. The device is very simple to use — it won’t take long to get used to the new method of navigating and controlling.

5. A mirror that controls your fitness routine

Getthemirror / instagram

The Mirror is a wall screen that functions as an interactive fitness coach. It lets users broadcast live training and get feedback from coaches right away. It lets people do sports at home at a time most convenient for them.

6. A smart home garden

Sproutsio / instagramGearbrainhome / instagram

SproutsIO is an intellectual garden that creates ideal conditions for growing vegetables, greens and fruits. The device helps the installed program to make the necessary settings that automatically selects the amount of water, nutrients, and light needed.

Additionally, the settings let you control the sweetness of the fruit you grow. The device uses just 2% of water from the amount of humidity that is required by traditional open-air gardens and it stimulates the growth of plants 3 times faster.

7. A mirror that helps you take care of yourself