Today, innovators, entrepreneurs, and engineers are coming up with gadgets daily to make our lives easier than ever. From cleaning and cooking, to charging our phones, they never cease to surprise us with their smartest inventions.

We at Enlighten are always amazed by these wacky and genius home innovations. Have a look at the ones we have listed below. Watch out, you may want to buy them all.

1. A shower that pushes you away when you’re wasting water.

Elizabeth Buecher

The tap comes with a sensor and if you overstay your welcome in the shower for more than 4 minutes, the air inflator is triggered by the sensor to inflate the spikes.

2. Now you can measure the ingredients you cut.

Jim Termeer / Designboom3. Breakfast made easy with this Crepe and Tortilla Maker

Salton4. Now you can enjoy your favorite greasy food with no fat.

Fat Magnet / Amazon

This magical tool absorbs all the fat that is present on the surface of foods. All you have to do is, freeze the tool, skim it on the surface, and poof! The fat is gone.

5. Get clean and healthy feet in no time.

Messar / Amazon6. Imagine a pot that purifies the air you breathe…

AIRY / Kickstarter

This smart pot converts the pollutants in the air into nutrients for plants. The key is ventilation. This is how NASA purifies the air in space stations.

7. Iron the littlest of wrinkles on your shirt with this handy pocket iron.

Collar Perfect / Amazon8. Keep your broom clean while you sweep your house.

Quirky / Amazon

This Broom Groomer comes with plastic teeth protruding from inside the dustpan and it gets rid of the debris from the broom bristles after you’re done sweeping your home.

9. If you are someone who cannot sleep without having the music on, this under-pillow speaker is for you.

Sharper Image

It comes equipped with 27 nature songs and 80 MB of free space so you can add your own music and customize your sleep playlist. Just slip it under your pillow and turn it on.

10. A special duster to clean between the window blinds

<-33">Hiwire / Amazon

11. These sock pairing clips won’t let you lose the pairs when putting them in the laundry or arranging them in your drawer.

<-35">SockDock / Amazon

12. Save yourself from the hassle of cleaning the floors by just wearing these slippers and dragging your feet.

Evriholder / Amazon

When you are done cleaning, peel the bottom off, and throw them in the wash.

13. A multipurpose Wallet Ninja is all you need in your life.