Many complex constructions like multilevel ceilings and compartment wardrobes are outdated. What’s really trendy is simplicity and eco-friendly materials. Here is a short and simple list to help you evaluate if a design is trendy or not.

We at Enlighten have collected 10 design ideas that are terribly outdated along with modern alternatives.

Multilevel ceilings


According to most designers, the hit of the 2000s — multilevel ceilings with lights — is very outdated. Today, instead of complex constructions, lights, and all that stuff, it’s fashionable to keep ceilings as simple as possible. Colored lights are not trendy either, even though they were once a key design aspect.

Compartments and arches


Arches in narrow hallways and fake walls made of plasterboard are another sign that an interior design is outdated. Most of the time, such things don’t have any functionality, but they take up a lot of space. This is especially bad for small apartments. Designers now prefer to leave hallways without doors at all and definitely without any arches. You can use special constructions to divide the space — thin metal panels, for example.

Furniture along the wall


Instead of huge wardrobes and other massive pieces of furniture, designers suggest using smaller pieces.

Photo wallpaper

No matter how attractive photo wallpaper might look, designers strongly recommend not using it. Instead of a picture of a forest or the sky, designers suggest using decorative plaster, wallpaper, wooden panels, or ceramic tiles.

Compartment wardrobes


Simplicity is a trend. That’s why, instead of compartment wardrobes, designers recommend using wardrobes with regular doors.

Furniture sets


A bed with matching bedside tables, a wardrobe and a dresser of the same style, the same couch and armchair in the living room — furniture sets are completely outdated. Designers recommend taking a look at furniture from different sets.

Wallpapering an entire room